I read book The Search for Treasure

the search for treasure book

I recently read this book. I liked this book collection from Geronimo Stilton.

It was the first time I ordered it from online site http://www.flipkart.com.

My parents stated I have an improved English vocabulary.


World’s Best Widget: My Panda Team

World’s Best Widget: My Panda Team

These are collection of my Pandas I got from the Market. I got it with Cadbury’s Gems Surprise Balls.

My Panda is the magicians of tomorrow. Here, you may see three Albert Einstein (on left), one Doctor Panda (in mid) and two Racer Panda (on right).

My Panda collection is the World’s Best Widget. What do you say, I can do in future with my team.

This post is an entry for Daily Prompt: World’s Best Widget.

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